Why do you charge $45 to let customers watch you change a lamp?
Installing a new lamp into a housing is not “rocket surgery.” But it takes some concentration to do it right in a timely manner. Rarely (1 out of 100) will a customer be able to watch and stay out of the way. Usually, customers begin to ask questions or tell their stories. We like to hear the stories but would like to do the best job possible while we install the lamp.

How can you give an estimate without checking the TV?
Just like with cars, all the same, models typically have the same problems. We look up the model # on our repair database to see if there is a common problem for your TV model that matches the symptoms you are experiencing. There are some problems that we just have no idea what the problem could be without checking it first. About 7 out of 10 problems we see in the shop are common problems.

What information do I need to get a phone or email estimate?
We need as much information as possible. The minimum information we need is Make (Sony, RCA, etc.), Model and/or Chassis (should be on the back cover), TV type (CRT, CRT big screen, DLP, LCD, LCD projection, Plasma) and the problem it is having. Other information that can help is Manufacture Date (back cover).

How long does it take to repair a TV?
Most sets can be repaired the same day or the next day. It may take longer if we have to diagnose an uncommon problem (like problems caused by pests or power surges). Also, if parts are not found in Dallas, ground shipping from the most common distributors can take 4-5 business days.